How To Switch Adapt Toys

Sat, Oct 3, 2020

A quick post on how to switch your own toys to encourage independent playing for those with motor difficulties

What is a switch adapted toy?

It’s any toy with an on/off option. You replace this with the switch, which means that Evelina can operate her toys with the switch. So she presses the button and it switches the toy on and off, meaning she is in control of how she plays. It’s great for children with motor difficulties (Evelina has Cerebral Palsy), who struggle to play with other toys and it gives her independence with her playing. Evelina is just so so lovely with this bunny, I can’t handle how cute she is. She waits for it to hop over to her and then strokes it. MY HEART.

It’s really easy to switch battery operated toys, which is ace as they come with a pretty heft price tag!

You’ll need:

How to do it:

  1. Open the battery compartment and put the switch adapter at the end of the spring between that and the battery.

  2. Make sure the toy is switched to ‘on’.

  3. Close it back up and attach the switch - it should work when you press the switch now - and stop when you take your hand off (if it’s a constant toy). They can be taken out and reused in different toys so I feel like the price tag is worth it.

That’s it! So easy right! Just make sure the switch you buy has the right adapter end or you’ll need another connector. We have the Smoothie switch for Evelina which is really nice - we have the big one (125mm) although there is a smaller one too (75mm) but they are both the same price. They’re low to the table so she doesn’t have to lift her hand much at all and it’s extremely sensitive to touch which is fab.

Hopping bunny £13.69

Switch adapters 1x £9 / 5x £42 / 10x £82

Smoothie switch £25 (4 pack £95)